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Recertification is a voluntary and open only to Academy Membership. The current requirement is 36 hours of acceptable classroom or online hours over the prior 3 years. This will continue through the remainder of 2014. If your recertification is due in 2014, you have 3 months or until December 31, 2014 to complete the process. Certification will be through 2017 if your recertification is completed in 2014.

Beginning in 2015 and thereafter, a gradual increase of classes are required. Hours may be from classroom or the many other options available that will be outlined on the website from vendors who pass Academy requirements. The syllabus for these programs requires approval by the Academy prior to the symposia presentation dates. The Academy DOES NOT provide post-approval for programs.  In addition, credits will be given for writing articles published in a peer reviewed or academic journal (example: JACO), writing Part I and Part II questions, and teaching under graduate and post graduate orthopedic centered classes will be other ways to obtain recertification. Many more options will be outlined in the full rules.

Change in hours and requirements begin in 2015:

  • 60 hours are required over a 3-year period. These hours can be completed at any time during the preceding 3 years. This will include year’s 2015 through 2018.
  • Starting in 2019, the recertification process extends to a 5 year period and 100 hours during this cycle.
  • The Academy understands the changing educational opportunities. We continually assess new ideas and methods for recertification hours. Never hesitate to contact us regarding possible acceptable hours.

20 hours toward ACO recertification

50 hours toward ACO diplomate with Cox Technic

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use more than 10 online hours in the 20 hour requirement?
Answer: Yes. However, all online classes must have a completion examination for recertification credit.

Are there other methods I can use for recertification other than classroom attendance?
Answer: Yes. The Academy will be publishing activities that will provide alternatives, to include credit hours for articles published in a peer-reviewed journal such as the Journal of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists. Please visit the website as additional information will be published on the website under the recertification tab.

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